What you can’t see you can’t manage. This SEM course will take you through setting goals, budgeting, keyword research, planning and measurement across PPC and SEO. The result will be better search campaigns and confidence in dealing with both internal teams and external agencies.


To track the information regarding traffic on one’s website, understanding different channels to target your audience and understand how to plan and work with this essential channel in today’s increasingly digital world.


  • Knowledge of the terminology and best practice of SEM, SEO and PPC.
  • Learning CPC and CPM
  • Understanding types of ads
  • Integrating search with social media campaigns.
  • Google AdWords campaign fundamentals.
  • Leaning Google Analytics for AdWords.
  • Bid Management Plan
  • Performance Tracking and connecting with user physcology.
  • How to plan future proof SEO.
  • Essential SEO to make a website more search engine friendly.
  • Simple link building for any company.
  • Learning Keyword Planner.

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