Course which focuses strictly on Purely Graphics designs and Illustrations, further coiling around the methodologies involved in using graphics designs to make complementary and remarkable product advertisement tags, branding and for general dissemination of information across to the populace.


To prepare each student or trainee to acquire the basic and core knowledge and principles of designs, to be able to create dynamic designs on products and objects as part of marketing and product designs, also the student will be able to understand color codes and how they can be conformed to generate a fantastic outcome on both.


Lean what is Graphic Designing,

  1. Learn what are the basic principles of Design
  2. Difference between Vector vs Raster Images
  3. Discover various color Schemes and Theory
  4. Photoshop
    1. Introduction
    2. Workspace & Workflow
    3. Tools (All)
    4. How to work with Layers
    5. Image adjustments
    6. Camera Raw
    7. Repair & Restoration of images
    8. Using Adjustment layers
    9. Digital Painting
    10. Filters & Effects
    11. Masking Techniques
    12. Image Manipulation
    13. Saving & Exporting
  5. Illustrator
    1. Introduction
    2. Workspace & Workflow
      1. Tools (All)
      2. How to work with Layers
      3. Working with Swatches
      4. Fill Stroke and Color
      5. CMYK vs RGB
      6. Pathfinder Options
      7. Custom Shape Creation and Editing
      8. Image Tracing
      9. 3D effects
      10. Printing and Exporting
      11. Creating and Formatting Type
      12. Masking Techniques
      13. Applying Effects
      14. Working with Bitmaps
    3. Typography and its Importance
    4. Professional Workflow (How a industry works)
    5. Printing and publication
    6. Portfolio creation
      1. Brand identity creation (Detail)
        1. Logo making
        2. Business card
        3. Letter head
        4. Envelop
      2. Book Cover
      3. Brochure
      4. Magazine Cover
      5. Poster
    7. Portfolio Showcase